Welcome to My School Design.  We are a dedicated service exclusively for the education sector. Our products and services have been developed from our experience working with schools and teachers supporting their IT and communication needs.

We understand that all schools have different needs but equally, they have the same goals.

In this technology-driven world we live in, parents, students and staff rely on effective communication from schools.

For that reason, we have developed My School Design.  Our solutions have been designed with the intention to automatically work together; to save valuable time for teachers and support staff who may be maintaining your communication platforms.

Our flagship website builder gives schools the power to design their own website and update and maintain it themselves. Everything needed for your site to go live is included in the website builder plan.

For schools that would prefer us to build their school website, we offer custom website design.

We also build School Apps and we have our own Newsletter Platform.

All of our solutions are integrated, meaning that when you update your blog/news post on your site it can automatically appear on your app. It can also trigger the newsletter to be sent to all of your parents and students that have signed up to the mailing list on your website.

Whatever your school's communication need, we are here to help.

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